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April 27, 2011...

Cullman Tornado

April 27, 2011 was devastating for Camp Meadowbrook, as a tornado ripped through the facilities.

Almost all of the trees were down. The buildings were still there, but there were trees on all of them. The driveways and grounds were covered with downed trees. The dinning hall was destroyed. The residence was destroyed. Both bunkhouses were also destroyed. The pavilion was destroyed.

The other buildings (storage building, outside restrooms, and equipment storage barn) that were not destroyed had damage. The wetland walkway and observation deck had heavy damage. The creek bridge was damaged, the amphitheater was destroyed. The constructed wetland sewage facility was damaged. The woodland paths were no longer there because there were no longer standing trees.

The district had 20 acres with Camp Meadowbrook. Since the tornado the district has purchased an additional adjoining land, giving additional land with trees.

The use of logging equipment used in the clean-up of the downed trees even had devastating consequences to the smaller treesand undergrowth that had survived the tornado.

After the property was cleared of fallen trees, new trees, 6 to 10 feet tall, about 700, were planted in the old part of Meadowbrook.