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The beginning...

The Distric acquired Meadowbrook in 1983. Prior to the District's ownership, Camp Meadowbrook was a Summer and Day Camp for boys and girls.

In 2007, the District renovated Meadowbrook. The structures were painted and improved. The grounds were cleaned upa nd better maintenance performed on them. A fire pit was built, a bridge over the creek was built, the wetland walkway and observation deck were replaced. The amphitheater was also improved.

The use as a conservation education facility grew:

To help with part of the upkeep of Meadowbrook the facilities were rented for family reunions, church groups and other groups. Many of these groups rented Meadowbrook year after year. The majority of the users were from Cullman County, but some groups came from other counties and other states. Many times the far flung groups were introduced to Cullman County through Meadowbrook. Each year, SCA (Society of Creative Anachro-nism) groups from around Ala-bama rented Meadowbrook for several weekends each year for their meetings.

Each year Meadowbrook was used by more and more people. Several thousand people per year used Meadowbrook.